We’ve launched!

Dear Women Creating Change,

Thank you for following our progress. For those who are new to the project, thank you for finding us. I’m excited to announce that the project website is now live!

Last year, Jane Block approached several of us about a proposed project highlighting the work of women activists in the City of Riverside. Now, nearly one year ago to the day (October 18, 2019 was our first official meeting), we have made significant progress. Here is what we’ve done:

First, we identified a problem. Women activists have historically been at the forefront of creating change, and we wanted to provide some resources for would-be or even seasoned activists to turn to for guidance and support.

Then, we set some initial goals: Identify and interview as many of the women activists in the City of Riverside as we could, and cull out their philosophies, their strategies, as a blueprint for how to get things done.

Those insights lead us to take the next step: to create a public document as a centralized collection and dissemination point for those strategies and philosophies. This website is one piece of that documentation process. Another piece that we are working toward will be the eventual book.

To be clear, there is no one “right” way. Each of our interviewees thus far have offered critical insight into what it means to be an activist; to have an activist mindset. We will be adding to the collection of these interview excerpts over time.

For now, this is a work in progress. We will, for the foreseeable future, be continuing with our interviews and will update this website accordingly. To that end, we invite your participation. If there is anyone you think we should know about and reach out to, you can make suggestions here.

Check back for updates periodically. If you’re on Facebook, follow our group page.

Thank you for making change.

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